Sunday, May 17, 2015


Hello folks, this is Blake Rubenstein, reporting live from Samurai in Miami, Florida. My journey began this morning, and took a couple hours to make it to Samurai. So, when I arrived at this Japanese wonder, I was enlightened. The pictures on the wall were cool, I was so thrilled! That's enough about the environment, later, I ordered the chicken and shrimp special, with their specialty fried rice on the side. Despite the price, the food was unbelievable. It was amazing! It was marvelous! It was perfection! I loved the fried rice so much, it had many mixtures to it, and they all were grilled in front of you so you could see the making of perfection in front of your eyes. The rice was full of flavor, and made my eyes water due to its amazingness. The chicken was great, it was grilled and slathered with a squeezed lemon and soy sauce, and it was beautiful. The shrimp was mighty fine, with a different lemon squeezed from above, and it stole my heart. I was shell-shocked, some might say I was in a different world. The most appropriate rating one may designate to Samurai is 10 GOLDEN stars. It was truly fantastic, it was a fantasy. I strongly suggest that when you are able to, you must travel to your nearest Samurai.


  1. Haha! I must say that I was very amused reading your post... I have eaten at Samurai quite a few times and I agree that the food is fantastic. I especially love the way the artwork, as you mentioned, and trained cooks who interact with their customers as they cook the meal add to the ambiance of the Japanese culture and tradition. In fact, my great-grandmother, who is not related to me by blood, is Japanese and my family and I often eat there for lunch with her. I know that she enjoys the food and atmosphere as much as the rest of us, so indeed the restaurant has authenticity and and success in satisfying its customers. Great enthusiasm and word choice. I wish you a quick recovery and hope to see you back in class soon.