Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pei Wei

Hello daily blog viewers of, today your food dude has a special post for you guys. I am celebrating my 3rd official restaurant review for tonight, and I wanted it to be extremely special. So, with that in mind, I traveled to the local Pei Wei. I ordered the honey-seared chicken with white rice on the side. I was pleased with what I ordered. The honey-seared sauce was very flavorful, and was sweet and made a great addition to my chicken. With the hot honey-seared sauce steaming with the chicken, my eyes' opened wide expecting a bite out of this delicious food. My nose was also urging to grab a bite of this exquisite cuisine. Not only did I enjoy the sauce with my chicken, but it also provided a good taste to the white rice that i ordered. To be honest, this Pan-Asian food really surprised me on how well it was prepared. Pei Wei deserved an 8.33333. I feel this is a fair rating due to the lack of taste in the white rice. Although I expected  little more from the rice, the overall meal there was awesome!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hello daily viewers, this is your food dude. Today, I journeyed to the IHOP in Pinecrest, Miami feeling excited to eat a good meal to start my day. I was more than satisfied with the range of options given to the customers. I pleased myself to 5 buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips and freshly made whip cream. I was eccentric when I received my order. The buttermilk pancakes, oh the buttermilk pancakes, so warm and tender, freshly baked. The layer of syrup was a perfect addition to my pancakes. Later, I added my hot chocolate chips and whipped cream to my pancakes, I was amazed on how well IHOP made my breakfast. My overall rating for IHOP was an 8. I feel IHOP really deserved an 8 due to its amazing food which led to the political stability in my mouth and stomach. The pancakes were freshly made, and so was the new amazing feeling in my stomach after having IHOP! It was a really great boost to begin my day, and I would not have survived without IHOP. Thank you IHOP for your great food and helping me out when I really needed it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello daily viewers, this is your food dude. Today, I went to the Chipotle in Pinecrest, Miami feeling anxious for a good meal. There it was, glimmering in my eyes, the sign for the mighty fine establishment Chipotle. There were many options to choose from but after a long moment of deciding, I chose to get a bowl with steak. The steak there was cooked to perfection, with a hint of spiciness. I later requested the freshly graded cheese and warm black beans to be added to my bowl of cilantro mixed white rice. It was amazing, one would call it an eye-opening experience. It was as if I were a baby, opening my mouth to this new world of flavor. The cuisine had spicy food, and had chips with a bit of lime and salt. The food was outstanding there, but there is was one flaw with the food. The food at Chipotle is very spicy, and if you are not a fan of spicy food, then caution. Overall, on my scale, Chipotle was given an 8.2 out of 10 stars. The food was great, and I highly recommend Chipotle be included in places to go in Miami, Florida. That's your food news from your friendly food dude. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello daily blog viewers, I am Blake Rubenstein. This blog will be covering the quality of local food spots in the region of Miami Dade County Florida. I will be discussing about how good the food is at local food places with my entire opinion involved in each blog.

 I am a well-known connoisseur  for my expertise on rating food. I will be using the common scale factor of 1-10 to rate the food I eat. The scale works by 1 being the worst possible "food" to 10, which is pure perfection. I am judging the grub with my undivided attention and I will recommend the best food I eat.