Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pei Wei

Hello daily blog viewers of, today your food dude has a special post for you guys. I am celebrating my 3rd official restaurant review for tonight, and I wanted it to be extremely special. So, with that in mind, I traveled to the local Pei Wei. I ordered the honey-seared chicken with white rice on the side. I was pleased with what I ordered. The honey-seared sauce was very flavorful, and was sweet and made a great addition to my chicken. With the hot honey-seared sauce steaming with the chicken, my eyes' opened wide expecting a bite out of this delicious food. My nose was also urging to grab a bite of this exquisite cuisine. Not only did I enjoy the sauce with my chicken, but it also provided a good taste to the white rice that i ordered. To be honest, this Pan-Asian food really surprised me on how well it was prepared. Pei Wei deserved an 8.33333. I feel this is a fair rating due to the lack of taste in the white rice. Although I expected  little more from the rice, the overall meal there was awesome!



  1. Pei Wei is great for Americans but not for Asians who know actual Chinese cuisine. I would say they serve the same food as the food courts and Panda Express. 😍= plain white rice

  2. happy 3rd blogpost!

  3. Love most of the things on this menu! It is simple and easy to order from.This location never disappoints other than on a weekend it can get way too crowded so you are better off ordering pick up and even that is a mission. This place is always an option for a quick dinner,