Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hello daily viewers, this is your food dude. Today, I journeyed to the IHOP in Pinecrest, Miami feeling excited to eat a good meal to start my day. I was more than satisfied with the range of options given to the customers. I pleased myself to 5 buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips and freshly made whip cream. I was eccentric when I received my order. The buttermilk pancakes, oh the buttermilk pancakes, so warm and tender, freshly baked. The layer of syrup was a perfect addition to my pancakes. Later, I added my hot chocolate chips and whipped cream to my pancakes, I was amazed on how well IHOP made my breakfast. My overall rating for IHOP was an 8. I feel IHOP really deserved an 8 due to its amazing food which led to the political stability in my mouth and stomach. The pancakes were freshly made, and so was the new amazing feeling in my stomach after having IHOP! It was a really great boost to begin my day, and I would not have survived without IHOP. Thank you IHOP for your great food and helping me out when I really needed it!


  1. I also believe that IHOP deserves an 8. There buttermilk pancakes are the best in Pinecrest.

  2. I really enjoyed this post because it felt real, you have a way of expressing your thought as if you were talking and i really enjoyed that. it also accomplished the goal of giving me a clear image in my head of the pancakes and i really want togo to Ihop now.